Bergen Community College Nursing Program 2017

  1. hey guys I recently took the TEAS exam and scored a 72 % with a 4.0 gpa. I am out of county. Just curious if anyone is in the same boat and knows any information regarding the admission into bergen community college in NJ. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   TraceyPrz
    I also applied, last teas date was March 27th. Acceptance will be 60% of teas score and 40% GPA. Im sure we should all get a response within the next two weeks. It isn't pass or fail with exam. They said in the info session that they Rank us by test day. So in other words whoever takes a teas on a certain date they will rank them in order of the highest scores and so on.
  4. by   lterrones1123
    Hello to both of you. I took the teas on the last day and scored 74.7% ..I did horrible to be honest I expected a highest score, percentile program 76%. I took the hesi A2 in 2015 for this school and got accepted. I scored 86% back in that time but I had to withdraw from the program. now I'm back and got the sweet surprise that I had to take the TEAS test... I'm very anxious because I don't know the highest score by now. Good luck to us!
  5. by   mmmaibo
    I also took it on the last day, got a 79%. I don't think they rank us by specific day, but rather overall score.
  6. by   TraceyPrz
    Awesome congrats guys. I also took it last day . I hope
    we can all get in . I also went in to 3 info sessions and they stated that in every info session. So not sure of things changes
  7. by   mnieves1

    I took the TEAS on 3/23 .. scored 79.3%, I'm in county but my GPA isn't as good as yours .. 3.76. I guess we just wait and see now.
  8. by   mmmaibo
    Is anyone aware of how many applicants took the test?
  9. by   TraceyPrz
    I have no idea !
  10. by   mnieves1
    anyone else dying with anticipation?
  11. by   TraceyPrz
    Yes ! I'm patiently waiting !!! Cannot wait to get a response , does anyone know he much longer we need to wait to find out . ?
  12. by   mmmaibo
    Idk, but I've been checking everyday morning and night lol.
  13. by   mnieves1
    i'm hoping it'll be sometime during the coming week .. Monday will be 2 weeks since the last day to test.
  14. by   eb7688
    Hey guys, thought I'd share that I got a 75 on my teas and have a 3.5 gpa. (because I've also applied for the fall for bcc)
    I actually went to the health professions building to get information on when letters are sent out and I've been told that people should be receiving them the third week of April. So, sometime around next week? (Despite knowing this I still check my email everyday lol)
    As for the highest score, I know someone who got a 93 on the teas so...fingers crossed this application pool isn't that high lol