Anyone at Mercer county college, Raritan valley com. college or Essex County College?

  1. I am looking for a new nursing school to enrol in. Do you know any good schools?
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  3. by   damode
    out of curiosity what's wrong with muhlenberg?
  4. by   ivyy78
    Quote from damode
    out of curiosity what's wrong with muhlenberg?
    Don't like the style of teaching, the teachers,the students and most important expensive as heck!!!
  5. by   nursefrog85
    I am at Mercer right now this is my last semester...Im going to Capital Health System School of Nrusing this Fall. I chose Capital Health because its a hospital based program and i prefer that.
  6. by   jlb_rn
    I'm in my first semester of pre-reqs at Mercer - going to be applying to Capital and probably St Francis for fall 2006.

    /crossing my fingers that I get accepted to one of them
  7. by   yevangelist
    out of curiosity what's wrong with muhlenberg?[/QUOTE] Are you still a member? how's your nursing?
  8. by   2bTraumaRN2008
    I am currently in my last semester of Nursing at Mercer County Comm College, woohoo. Honestly, I like it and I haven't had any problems. It's hard, but what nursing school isn't??

    By the way, I already have a job out of state in the ED/Trauma unit which is what I LOVE!!

    Good Luck with your decison!!
  9. by   NJNursing
    I graduated from Mercer County College last year and I liked it. I felt like it really prepared me for the NCLEX but not so much for the real world of nursing. You don't get as much in terms of clinical time like you would going to a hospital based school, but everyone takes the same test in the end and post-grad experience (IMO) has been the same no matter where anyone went. I was just promoted to clinical coordinator so Mercer must have taught me SOMETHING right.