Anybody knows/already in Mountainside Hospital school of nursing?

  1. I've been accepted by mountainside hospital school of nursing evening program starting fall 2007. I'm pretty excited. I'll have all my non-nursing classes done by that time.

    I have a concern. I have a full-time office job. I do want to keep my job during the school. Is it possible for people to work without cutting hours and still be able to go through?

    Anybody has experience with the school? How is the nursing program like? I'd like to hear from you. I heard they have very good reputation and good clincals. Howerver, I'm very concerned about the possibility of the full-time working.

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  3. by   ljgrn
    A friend went to Mountainside over 12 years ago while I was at a college getting my degree. Based on our discussions of what we were doing at the time her program sounded great! I lot more in depth hands on training covering all aspects of nursing. Almost wish I had gone there with her.
  4. by   Hydakins
    I am starting there this August in the day program. I know a few people who went there at least 8 years ago. They spoke highly of the program. One, who was a previous boss of mine worked as a CNA and had 4 children to take care of. She went to school in the evening and she always told me that it was hard (which is a given) but I will tell you what she told me: "If I could do it, YOU CAN DO IT"! I will be working full-time also because I live alone....I have no choice BUT to work. However, I have a boss that doesn't like the fact that I am in school, so I have already started to go on interviews for a job that can work around my school schedule, help me pay for school, and possibly even hire me as an RN before graduating. An associate of mine is in the Passaic Community County College program and he did take a FEW days off, but I also have a friend who is in the Essex County College program and she didn't take off. They both just completed their first semesters. I am determined to do well and finish, so if I were you I wouldn't worry....just do it!!! :roll I took the CNA course in March over the weekends while I did 5 classes at ECC during the week and worked 3-11pm. That certification is coming in handy with looking for jobs. I know that the school gives the BNA course which I think started on 7/2. Use it to your advantage if it will be worth your while. You could get a job that will help with your school schedule, teach you some things pertaining to the program, help you pay for school (scholorship programs), and possibly even hire you as an RN right before we graduate. :hatparty:

    I have the listing of books and I already saved $140 on 9 of the 11 books. Let me know if you'd like to know how. I get money back from some of those purchases.
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