Any Nursing Student/mothers Out There?

  1. I Am An Incoming College Freshman And A Mother To Be. I Know Many Mothers Out There Are Able To Balance Being A Mother And A College Student At Once. But The Thought Of That Makes Me Worry. I Know Being A College Nursing Student Is, By Itself, Alot Of Hard Work. And To Be A Mother On Top Of That Even Harder? How Do You Manage??? Help!
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  3. by   HisTreasure
    I am a mother, wife, student nurse. I am in an LPN program and I am taking two classes towards my RN come fall. As of now, things are ok. It's a balancing act that is for sure. Mostly it's all about scheduling and organization.

    This is what I do to balance them:
    I usually wash clothes in the evening, my husband puts them in the dryer and irons after the kids and I retire for the night. My husband and I take turns cooking, always something quick/easy or we defrost a frozen entree (leftovers) from the week or two before. I study after the kids go to bed (8 o'clock) and they get nightly baths at 7:30. My baby is always up later, if my husband is home he will play with him and put him to bed for me so I can begin studying by 8:30. My morning starts at 5:30 on test days, 6 AM every other day, and we are out of the door by 7:30. Luckily, daycare serves the kids breakfast and I can survive on a diet of Pepsi and peanut M&Ms! The weekends are all about the kids. Of course, I am sure this will change when clinicals start and I have 1,000,000,001 care plans to write.

    You'll be so okay! It's so doable. Most of the people in my class are parents, most of which are single (I'm not insinuating that is your case!)
    Balance and organization is the key!
  4. by   healinghand
    A nursing student and mother..Hmmmm!!! Pretty combination.
    I say it to myself loking in mirror whenever I'm leaving for clinicals,wondering how much my family will miss me and I'll miss them.
    The secret is in balancing.
    They get home cooked meals(Prepared on weekends),due attention and love.Quality Time I should say.
    Both kids are straight A s.Husband is more than helping.
    I guess it is the family support and understanding that makes our life as a student much better.
    My best wishes to all moms and dads who are working hard.