Allied health LPN Nursing program

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to know has anyone gone is going or know someone that has went to this LPN program please share your views it is located in hackensack nj

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  3. by   Privateschoolcrazy
    I graduated from hohokus in ramsey. It is a very good program but it doesn't provide a excellent clinical experience, but it really depends on the teacher you get, they fired the one I am reffering to. Also get the delmar study guide when you first start, it will be your new best friend
  4. by   asheekakes
    I am considering taking the LPN program at HOHOKUS-Hackensack!!

    What is the starting salary for LPN's in NJ?
  5. by   Privateschoolcrazy
    I have seen anywhere from 21 and up, Lpng term care seems to be where LPNs in NJ get paid the highest rate. I just got a position making 22.62 on a peds psychiatric unit, which is exactly what i wanted to be doing
  6. by   asheekakes
    And how long did it take u to find a job?
  7. by   Privateschoolcrazy
    I passed my boards on 11/17, and had the job the following week. Also the reason i chose the job is the fact that if you work there f/t for 2 years they will pay off half of your loans from school, and the program is only for lpns from hohokus. im sure youve heard of bergen regional?
  8. by   asheekakes
    Yes i haveheard of bergen regional!! my friend actually graduated from hohokus-hackensack ....i am trying to decide on hohokus in hackensack for LPN or holy name hospital?.... that is great that they pay off half your student loans!!!, and it sounds like they pay well...did u have to specialize in a specific field