Admitted into Rutgers Nursing 2012 transfer student - page 3

Cheers, recieved email today informing me that I have been admitted into Rutgers Newark college of nursing for fall 2012. This is the regular program not the accelerated. I am Rutgers grad (2008) and... Read More

  1. by   MsNurseMS
    whattodo..sent you a PM regarding stats!!!
  2. by   whattodo4
    got the pm. By the by though officially stats is a prerequisite for research process in nursing, there was no point in research process in nursing that we used stats or any sort of math. I could say at the grad level when you have to collect and compile data etc... but at the undergrad- no math was used at all. Which begs the question why is stats required then? However it seems most bsn programs require stats so I assume Rutgers is only following the heard.
  3. by   Sombre100
    Did anyone hear back??
  4. by   whattodo4
    From talking to pre-nursing friends who applied this year, they have yet to hear back. The official deadline is June 30th so you should, hear back soon. You can also check your status page on the rutgers website, that will let you know if in or not, or no deiscion ATM. Bear in mind when I applied last year I found out a bit early, if you date my first post in this thread I found out before June 30th, so i have to assume that rutgers can be a bit late or early in making admittence descion .If no deiscion from rytgers by Monday, I recommend calling the nursing undergrad advisor and inquiring on application status
  5. by   Sombre100
    Ah thank you for the response! Notification date is by the 30th so hopefully by tomorrow I know!!
  6. by   whattodo4
    Gl I hope rutgers gets back to everyone ASAP
  7. by   Miracle86
    ooh ok!! I don't think we are going to find out our status until tomorrow this sucks lol another day of waiting
  8. by   whattodo4
    Yup rutgers is usually closed on weekends so I did find it a bit strange that the deadline would be on a sudnay, by Monday or sometime this coming week def
  9. by   Miracle86
    SMH lol I thought it would be some type of automated system that would magically update our status and send out an email lol...I've had lots of time to think about this process lol
  10. by   Sombre100
    Hahaha I thought about the automated thing too... -.-
  11. by   Miracle86
    Still nothing, it might be because of all the stuff surrounding the merger
  12. by   whattodo4
    Hmm it should be sometime this week, at the very worst Friday at the very best today. Check email and online status. Rutgers does definitely get back to people whether you got in or not.
  13. by   whattodo4
    i am not sure if people are still waiting to hear back from Rutgers but just to give an update- a couple of my friends received notice on Monday and with the orientation being next week, I assume everyone must have heard back from rutgers by now.