9/6/05-Katrina: NJSNA asking for Donations for Ochsner Clinic

  1. a call for help

    please help our colleagues in new orleans who are working around the clock caring for the citizens of new orleans.

    njsna is collecting the following items to send to the ochsner clinic, the only fully operating hospital in new orleans.

    here is a list of much needed supplies for the staff at ochsner:

    portable cd players (without earphones, battery operated)

    batteries, especially c

    flashlights with batteries


    basic baby items for new born infants- caps, onesies

    scrubs- all types, all sizes

    duffle bags/laundry bags for dirty personal items

    hard candy and gum

    writing tablets

    any other items you think would be helpful if you were there!

    convance, inc, the drug development company, has agreed to pay for the shipment of these items but we have to move fast. we'd like to have a bulk shipment ready to go in one week.

    thank you in advance for helping your fellow rns. njsna will be donating items and sending a letter to the nurses at ochsner. your personal thoughts and help are greatly appreciated!

    please drop all donations at the njsna headquarters:
    1479 pennington road, trenton, nj (609-883-5335 ext. 11 or 20). headquarters hours are: monday - thursday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm; friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. please use the parking lot entrance. thank you.
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