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Hi everyone I'm brand new to allnurses :D I am starting the full-time lpn program at Lincoln tech this march :yeah: I just wanted to ask a few lengthy questions so bare with me capable answers are... Read More

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    Hi everyone I'm brand new to allnurses I am starting the full-time lpn program at Lincoln tech this march I just wanted to ask a few lengthy questions so bare with me capable answers are highly appreciated: for Lincoln tech grads what kind of education should I expect? Did you have trouble finding work? Did you feel well prepared? How were the teachers? Was the school work very intense? I took the teas entrance exam and aced it but it was the easier version 3.0 I believe. I read some bad reviews on the program and when I went to the old Lincoln tech campus in mt laurel, nj it looked really cheap and low budget and I practically ran out the building after hearing the tuition. Now there is a new campus in moorestown, nj which is remarkably better looking than the old campus and they have some pretty high-tech dummies that actually swallow pills and read med errors They also have a lot more laboratory space, job placement and 5 different clinical locations (psych, peds, long-term, assisted living, and the job I currently work at as a cna which is a subacute rehab facility) Any reviews on this campus? It looks like a good deal to me I need to hurry up into a nursing program fast it seems it gets harder and harder each year to get into one and I finished all my prereqs but being waitlisted does not appeal to me. At my county tech school, BCIT, the tuition went up to a whopping 20,000 dollars every module you have to pay 4000 dollars and there is no option for financial aid how the heck am I supposed to pay 4000 dollars every few months out of pocket on top of trying to survive on my own with bills Lincoln tech's tuition is very pricey BUT with financial aid I'm paying less than 10,000 back at the end of the day. I'm very VERY EXCITED to be enrolled at Lincoln tech and to be that much closer to becoming a nurse Anyone else in or enrolling in this program? Sorry for the length of this message and feedback is highly apprieciated thanx, Am

    Hey everyone!! I am thinking about startimg this program this month or next. I'm tryim
    ng to research this school as much as possible and I havent seen to may reviews. Can someone please tel me how this program is at this location?? I would really appreciate it!! I have been burnt in the past before with schools and the empty promises of "excellent training" and come to find out it was a HUGE LIE. I want to enroll in a school that is focused on learning and not just sit there and read yourself. And I would like my classmates to be as much into the program as I am. I went to a school that was extremely clicky and all they talked about was how they were on parole or probation for guns, frugs ect...... I wanna lean and not feel as though Im not wasting my money. Also are the 2 entrance exams hard because Im great at hands on but the things I learned yrs ago I can not remember at all. I wasnt the best student in HS but for some reason the classes I have taken through out the years I have excelled greatly. Im nervous all the way around about this.

    Sorry about the book but if some one could reply that would be wonderful. Thank you!!
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    As far as the enterance exam it was pretty easy . As with you i was not the best hs sudent . I was never good in math. They set the sandard for passing the test pretty easy . As for the school there is no more director of nursing she resigned . There is no clinical director . Resigned . They seem to go threw staff very
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    Hello nursing prospects and/or students I am pleased to inform you I am graduating from LTI and am now a graduate nurse. It is very possible! LTI has come a long way they are wayyyyy more organized than what I've heard. They have great resources even for graduates. We get an online course from ATI (the testing website that administers the teas v test) and we have are own personal instructor that helps us to take the boards and literally gives us the greenlight to test when we are ready. This is very possible! I am now ready to work as an lpn! Also LTI has helped me get into a very reputable RN program that I start in September! If I didn't go to LTI I'D STILL BE ON A WAITING LIST SLAVING FOR LITTLE MONEY. Now I have a cushion and experience and nursing knowledge going into my RN :-) thank you for replying any questions please ask I will be on often
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    By the way today is GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi Amzie, currently, I am working at a local hospital and I am underpaid and overworked, so I am going to apply to LT for the LPN nursing program. HOWEVER, there have been several people who have done clinicals in my department who come from LT and they absolutely do not recommend the school. All of them have said this seperately and individually from one another. This is quite concerning.

    The same basic complaint is that the teachers are horrible, they talk about their personal lives during class teaching time, they are disorganized, the school is "for profit" and basically don't care whether you stay with them or not as long as they can cyphone large chunks of money from you through financial aid or your pocket. Very worried about this.

    Not to mention my professional experience with the school has been kind of wacked because the contact person who handles the clinical externships...(the person who sends us students) who are doing clinicals keeps changing...meaning new people in the position. Not a good sign. The only reason why I'm going is because the Vocational School BCIT has jumped their tuition out of the roof...and there's NO financial aid. I was also told that LT will find funding from multiple places and you don't get one bill at the end of the 6 months after you graudate but multiple bills from all over the place. I called the school to inquire about this and the woman left me on hold forever, but acknowleded that that could happen quite possibly. Nurses make good money, and have more control over their career future. So I guess the sacrifice is alright, but I'm trying to be pre-emptive and know "EXACTlY" what I'm walking into with the school. I know the studying is going to be tough, so that goes without saying. I just don't want the school to sugarcoat the reality of what I'm getting into with them. I want somebody who's not in my office afraid of what someone might hear them say tell me all I need to know so that I can put togeather a strategic game plan to get all I can out of the expeience. Any comments/advice?.
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    Hello Twrights, I am glad to hear you're inquiring about nursing school. I know exactly what you mean being underpaid and overworked and don't forget disrespected (me being a nursing assistant for 4+ years). Let me say that before I started going to LTI I did lots of research and all I saw were bad reviews on this school. A couple of months before I even inquired about LTI's program I was talking to someone at my community college who was telling me to stay away from LTI. Even after hearing nothing but bad reviews I decided to give LTI a try. At the time I was already done all my prereqs for any RN program and I was tired of taking unnecessary classes just to pass time in hopes of getting accepted into the RN program at my community college so I called Lincoln Tech to set up an appointment. Anyway to make a long story short I called LTI from my old college parking lot and ironically I walked out as a graduate nurse from that same parking lot (Our graduation was held at my old cc's stadium). I waited 3 years at CC to get into an RN program and now I finally got accepted and I'm starting an RN program next week at a four-year college that is HIGHLY REPUTABLE with bragging rights (affiliated with and renowned by UPENN Hospital, Jefferson, CHOP, Temple etc.) I'm now projected to have my RN-BSN in two years, 2 1/2 respectively. So what do I have to say about LTI? I came, I saw, I conquered. I am a working nurse making $26/hr. I went there to become a nurse I saw what I had to do to become one and I became one. YES there is drama among students YES even drama with teachers the question is does that effect you? If you're humble and you stay to yourself you will succeed at this school. This school is more-so self-study so what goes on in the classroom shouldn't effect you. The teacher will tell you what you need to know and YES they put their experiences in their lectures as well and do they talk about personal life? SURE ALL THE TIME because as a nurse you learn from personal experiences whether theirs' or your own. AND YES some teachers do go more into their personal lives than others but that's people everywhere you go just remember this is an adult technical school they do not baby you here they live by their handbook which clearly states that THE STUDENT is liable for using all resources incorporated in their program. So if you have a class lecture on disease processes you should read into anything that wasnt gone over in detail during previous class time. Any chapters that are on a test should not only be studied by reading the powerpoints given but you should also highlight any extra details in your text book. Classmates at LTI are generally full of drama and disrespect but those are the ones you will see gone by the 1st or 2nd term one way or another. You'll find who you can rely on for studying and form a trustworthy study group by 2nd term. You may come across mix ups with your documents due to those faculty who do not do a good job but anything and everything can always be solved by a standard nursing measure DOCUMENTATION. One thing I will say about this school is make copies of everything you turn in keep track of your attendance VERY IMPORTANT! Keep documentation of everything from making copies of you're homework to emails to voice mails just always have yourself covered especially with teachers, FINANCIAL AID, BILLING, and ATTENDANCE BIG THINGS AT THIS SCHOOL! YES LTI is for profit so they try to squeeze every dollar they can out of anywhere or any person they think they can do it to and guess what? That type of stuff was never done to me because I document everything and remember exactly what was told to me so if it tries to get switched up I can go back on what was originally said to save my butt of any concerns. Sounds like a lot but its not. If you truly want to be a nurse this is nothing compared to the great responsibility you will have. And to also add on nursing itself is a field you really have to understand and want to be in. The money is great but the burnout is greater. Many of my LTI graduating class and I are working nurses at hospitals, dialysis, prisons, pediatric facilities, immunization clinics, home health, rehab the list goes on and on and this was only a month or two after graduation. Many of us took our boards within a month or two after graduation. The state boards of nursing licensure DO NOT LIE. Think about if you desire enough to become a nurse to go through with everything I have just given you and do more research. The best of luck to and your future career aspirations. ASB, LPN
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    Hey Amzie91!

    Thanks for replying. Couple more questions. Do you have kids? I have 2 ages 13 and 11. Did your experience as an LPN student completely take you away from your family? I really like to spend time with my kids, even if it's just talking. We're very close so I don't want to loose that for the next year. I know there will be a lot of studying, but is it something I could do and still be able to steal a weekend away once or twice within the year without screwing up and failing a semester? Also, I want to quit my job and do school full time during the day, but i'm wondering if this is something i could do and work a couple of days? Seems like it would be too hard to work part time at night and go to school during the day. Last, any advice of funding this program? Does financial aid find money for you? i can't pay 28,000 out of pocket, and i hear you can only borrow up to 16,000 then you have to figure out how to pay the rest. so many questions, so little time. AND CONGRATULATIONS on all of your success! feel free to PM me at Tracey@WrightsonEnterprises.com if there's anything you might want to share off-line. Again, thank you so much for your insight, it's incredibly valuable cause i feel like i already have a heads up on exactly what my approach should be walking in the door!
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    Hello Twrights! You are very welcome for the response. As a matter of fact I think I was the only one in my class without kids with the exception of maybe one other person you should do very well in this program as your kids are a little older to your advantage they can understand a little better as opposed to having toddlers that are in daycare which you would have to drop off and pick up. My classmates and I did have limited time for family especially around test-sutdying time. If you can quit you're job without serious debt and consequences that would help you alot with spending time with family. There were many people in my program who worked part-time including myself and did fine but if you can leave work until school is done that is a very BIG help. Working full-time is out of the question just to let you know. And it is very good that your going full-time during the day as it is quick and you get more help from teachers, guest speakers and you have more motivation. For financial aid, everyone gets it. They will get you enough money to completely cover your tuition in loans so no they definitely don't make you pay back more than $300.00/mo. on a payment plan and that's a bill just to pay a very small portion into your loan. You don't have to start paying your loans back until 6 months after you graduate and if you start an RN program the following year or any institution with a program for higher learning your loans will be deferred. Now since you have kids I know a few the went to Excelsior College for RN and love the program. I encourage you to continue you're education most LPN's love the job and get comfortable because the money is good. But if you plan to stay an LPN don't listen to what people tell you about phasing us out. 2/3 of nurses are LPNs they will stay around for a longtime especially with the burn out rates of new RNs who are young and dumb and didn't know what they were getting themselves into when they decided to go for nursing for the simple reason of wanting to be a nurse since they were two. Go for it nursing=sacrifice I will also send you this in an e-mail to the address you sent me you can return it with the address it's sent by. Good luck I hope to see you on here as a future nurse! Please feel free anytime to ask me any questions and when you're in school ask me anything about classwork I had a 3.8 GPA and I am an RN student tutor in RN school so I am more than happy to help you from an LPN point of view as well as an RN point of view :-) I am very excited for you please keep me posted