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Hi! I'm a registered nurse from the Philippines.

I'm planning to take the New Jersey NCLEX-RN but I cant start processing my documents since I'm quite confused with the instructions available online.

The starting point is that I am a foreign- educated nurse.

And here are my questions:

1. The application states that I need to enter an SS Number.

Since I am a foreigner, I know I will not be issued an SS Number. How will I deal with this one?

2. I'm the one to send CGFNS my BSN program format from my school for them to analyze it. After I get the results, I'll send the results to NJ BON together with my application, right?

3. I don't know how will I get an FBI card

4. The application states:

Proof that the applicant has achieved a passing score on the Test of English as a Foreign

Language exam, TOEFL (C.G.F.N.S. is also providing English language evaluations) (Must be

submitted only to C.G.F.N.S.);

I need to take TOEFL exam and send the results to CGFNS together with my credentials?

Or CGFNS will just have to analyze my BSN program regarding my English proficiency since our program was delivered in English.

Im really confused! Can someone just post the step-by-step applcation procedure.


find another state that does not require an ssn no..the only way you could get one is to be an immigrant

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Moved to the International forum as per the red banner and nothing to do with nursing in the Philippines.

Have you searched this forum as I am sure there are several threads discussing NJ?

@kermitlover, thanks! That's what I thought too. I'm actually only waiting for my immigrant visa but I think it will not be out anytime soon. I wanted to finish my reqt's before I leave for the US so I can start immediately when I get there.

Do you know if I it is possible that I apply in a state which doesn't require a SSN then transfer my license to NJ afterwards?

Silverdragon, thanks! I actually intended this post to be read by Filipinos since we're on the same boat. But I guess those in the US know a lot more about this one! :)

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Doesn't matter, the Philippine forum is aimed at nursing in the Philippines any questions about licensing in another country we request is placed in the international forum

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