New home health job and no clue ;-(


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I just got a new job as a home health RN after applying to hundreds of jobs for three month ( I am a new RN grad) finally this agency hires me and goes over some basics of oasis documentation and other papers. The next day they sent me to a patient's house to do an admission and a PT eval. I have no problems dealing with the patients as long as it is the medical part, but when it comes to papers I am so lost. I know they shouldn't have done that and in an ideal situation I shouldnt have accepted it either but I want to finally have my first job and get that initial experience every nurse recruiter is asking for.

I will meet with my supervisor tomorrow and ask for help with the paper work but in the mean time, any advice?? does anyone know of likns and websites I could learn from ? thank you very much, I love nursing and wouldn't imagine myself doing something else but hate being a new grad with so many difficulties in the market right now. Thanks for any help.