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New HHA help

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The company that I am working for is fairly new and is in the process of getting medicare certified. According to my boss, who is not a nurse...everything that was in the folder is a requirement (according to his friend who also owns a HHA). When I looked over them, there were repetitions of things, forms that can make the patient confused, unnecessary ones (in my opinion) and forms that are filled up by either nursing or therapy (which I think can be left in the office for them to fill out as needed like the braden scale, home safety assessment). One in particular is the medicare non coverage form, I had one patient before that got mad at me when I tried explaining that that for is not filled and signed until 2 days of date of discharge...with her having dementia, she instantly just understood that medicare will not cover for her care. Based from that experience, I prefer not to have that form in the packets.

I would also like the packets to be easily understood,staff and patient friendly.

Does anyone know of a resource on what is really included in the admission packet?

Our intake folders contain paperwork that needs to be signed on the first visit, patient information packets, and forms that need to be signed toward the end of the cert. period. I organize the folder in such a way so that the patients only see the intake forms, which I'm reviewing with them on the first visit. The others I put behind the patient information packets and tell them they're not applicable at this time. Later, I take out the other forms as needed. I don't try to explain discharge paperwork, or infection and incident reports to patients at the intake. It's not needed and can be overwhelming. I'm sure your agency has thoroughly reviewed everything they need in the folder. Just find a better way to organize it and present it to patients.

The patient must be given information on their rights and responsibilities, how to get a hold of the state and your accrediting agency, notice of privacy practices, etc. Please review Medicare Conditions of participation for home health. They are found online. :)