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New to HH


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Hi everyone,

I am new to Home Health and not loving it. In fact, I don't like it at all. I am a new RN; working for a year and a half. I relocated, and with the economy the way it is I took the first job offer I got, which was HH. I just don't feel I have enough experience to be an "independant practitioner". I get very nervous being on my own with no support team like in the hospital. I am also having a hard time getting used to providing nursing care in someone's home, charting in my car, etc. Is this something I am going to get used to in time or should I cut my losses earlier rather than later? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I certainly wouldn't quit the job until something else is lined up. A year and a half is long enough to get an idea whether or not you can tolerate something. Hang in there until you have a new position and then move on to try something else.

Most people either love HH or hate it. You usually know right away. I wouldn´t quit without another job lined up, but it wouldn´t hurt to start looking for something else. Kudos to you for admitting you are not comfortable with the care alone at this point. Many people cannot admit that, even to themselves.


Specializes in Med-Surg, Tele, Peri-op, Home health.

Thanks for the replies. I apologize for not being more clear; I have been an RN for a year and a half and in HH for just a few months. I was wondering if a few months was too soon to know if I was going to like this or not but I think hmarieD anwered my question. Thanks again.