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New and Having transition problems

Please Help. I graduated in May and during school I worked as an extern. I worked after graduation on the same unit where I externed. I did not take my boards in time and had to resign. I secured a job at another hospital in my area but I went from OB to Critical Care. I made it very clear to the educator there that they were pulling me off the floor too much for classes and I was not getting enough time on the floor and I was having problems. I was terminated from that position. I was told that I was "just not getting it".

While I was there I met a woman who was returning to her prevoius employer and they still had an opening. It was in OB. I applied and I got the job. My problem is this ladies and gentlemen. I am having problmes here too.

My problems here are that I am appearing like I don't want to learn, I am unapproachable, I am a know it all and I keep comparing this place to my old OB unit. I do "compare" but not for the reasons that they think. I verbalize the differences that I notice to point it out to myself. I have since stopped doing this. I did not need much orientation for postpartum or newborn care because of my previous expereince. I have asked question and asked for help. I just dont know what else to do.

I thought that maybe asking specific questions instead of general ones would help.

I really value this job and this work enviroment and I want to stay here. I have only been here a month. The manager has sat down with me once already and had a talk that is how I found out. I still have time to correct my bad habits. please any advice would be great.

I read your thread. Im sorry that I have no direct advice to give you . All I can say is don't give up on being a nurse and look within yourself; search to see if OB is for you or Hospital nursing for that matter. Its not for everyone and you may have a gift in a different type of nursing. In the meantime, try to work with the staff as much as possible and be open to suggestions on what to work on or what to change. When making a suggestion, try not to bring up your former place of work. Give the suggestion for change on its own so that your colleagues don't get offended.

I hope that this helps. The first year can be extremely difficult and every new nurse will have to jump through some hurdle or overcome an obstacle. When I think of you and your situaltion, I will keep you in my prayers:icon_wink

"I really value this job and this work enviroment and I want to stay here." Your statement above I think is a good way to start communicating to your NM and coworkers. However, I am not sure why your coworkers are upset that you don't need a lot of help because of your previous experience, they should be happy that you are already up to speed.

Anyway, as you are doing already don't mention the other place, and also try to engage your coworkers in how they may have handled different situations with their patients (if you learn something from how they handled something differently then you would have and you express interest, they hopefully will be open to ideas coming from you.)

good luck

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