what should i be doing before taking the NLN

  1. I'm really interested in becoming a nurse, however i have taken 2 yrs of business and i just enrolled in great bay formally nhctc for general studies before taking the nln and im extremely nervous. my english stinks i have always struggled with writting im good at math and science tho at least i think so...lol so my question is what classes should i start taking to boost my chances of getting in? Please help i have wanted to do this since i was a kid are there any highly recommended books? or anything...thanks
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  3. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Sorry it took so long to get an answer to your post. The best study guide you can get, go to Barnes N noble, right there in Portsmouth, and pick up the pre entrance NLN study exam guide. That thing is JAM packed full of stuff. You also want to get your anatomy classes out of the way, preferably before you apply if possible, those twenty points make the difference between wait list, and direct acceptance A LOT of the time. And if you mean your english isnt so great because it isnt your first language, join the foreign student club, its a great resource. also, if you contact caps, and ask about getting access to PLATO, that is an awesome recourse as well. But go out and buy the NLN pre entrance exam book, ask if you cant find it. Good luck, and maybe I will see you around, I go to Great bay as a prenursing student right now too!