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  1. by   Patty_mac
    Hi there - I am applying this year to the MSN program at UNH Durham, any opinions?
  2. by   melmarie23
    This was really great to read. I was recently accepted to the MSN-Direct Entry program and I start this January.

    I am so happy to hear that people have had positive experiences with it so far. And I too was wondering about whether anyone worked part-time during the program...this is something that I have been struggling with. Its very nerve wracking to quit my full time job and lose my income to go back to school, especially in light of the current economy.

    But my husband and I set a budget and we know that we will be able to handle my loss of income. I just thank my lucky stars that he is so supportive!
  3. by   ddb19
    Congrats melmarie23!

    You are in for a whirlwind experience, but very rewarding and definitely worth it. A couple of my cohorts have managed to work 1-2 days/wk. Honestly, I am not sure how they do it, as the program is quite demanding.

    Again, congratulations!

    See you in Hewitt,

  4. by   melmarie23
    Thanks for your response ddb19!

    I think I am going to feel it out a bit and see if working a couple of days a week is something that I think I might be able to handle. At the very least I am thinking of maybe volunteering my extra time if that is something I can swing. :-)

    I have another question if you dont mind?

    We have our orientation coming up in a couple of weeks...on Dec.2. In the letter we received from the school, it said that we would be fitted for scrubs and would be able to order other equipment such as our stethoscopes. I was wondering if you could give a rough estimate how much these would cost me? I would like to go in prepared.
  5. by   ddb19
    Hi melmarie23 --

    Well ... I already had a stethoscope and I opted out of the clipboard (haven't missed it) ... so essentially, all I ordered was the uniform scrubs. I believe it was around $120 for 2 scrub pants, lab coat & 2 shirts. (Since that time, however, there is a new vendor & the shirts are now going to be scrub tops.) So, I guess this is half a help to you!

  6. by   ddb19
    Hey Arciedee --

    I am having trouble with PM-ing. (??) Want to wish you congratulations!!!

    I'll respond more with PM (if I can get it to work!!)

  7. by   melmarie23
    thanks so much for the info ddb19! :-)
  8. by   arciedee
    melmarie, when I started a couple years ago the equipment (steth, clipboard, and scissors) ran around $100. The stethoscope was a good deal for the quality (it's a Littman). As ddb19 mentioned, the clipboard isn't something you really need. And budget in some shoe costs. I spent $100 or so on my Danskos, but am so glad I did. Still wear them at work now!

    Good luck on starting the program. I'm finishing up (fingers crossed) in a couple weeks. It's crazy and frustrating sometimes, but at the end of the day I'm very glad I went this route.
  9. by   melmarie23
    My sister in law suggested a Littman (she is a PA) and I have been eying some Danskos on eBay for awhile now. And with the holidays right around the corner, I have a list to give my family now. :-)

    Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. by   Becca2theresq
    Trying to make a decision on which route to go and curious how competitive it is to get into this program?? The information I received said about 200 apply and 32 are accepted. I graduated with a 3.2 gpa is that enough to get me in the Direct Entry program? Also, what does an MSN set you up for after graduating as opposed to ADN/BSN?? Do you work like any other RN after graduating until you gain experience then to management positions?? Also, I'm interested in getting my NP someday and wondering how the MSN correlates with NP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. by   melmarie23
    My undergrad GPA was a 3.2 and my GPA in my prereqs was 3.9, so yeah I definitely think you have a good chance.

    When I interviewed I didnt ask how many applied but my cohort has about 32 I believe. We have a two day orientation next week before classes start on the 20th, so I will be able to give more info then.

    The program isnt for your NP, but rather a CNL (Clinical Nurse Leader). Its a different path in nursing. You can find more info about the profession here:


    We are eligible to sit for the NCLEX after a year and a half (4 semesters...spring, summer, fall, and then spring) and can work once we are licenced. We have the option at that point to finish the program or leave and just work if we so choose. IMO, it doenst make any sense not to finish as after we sit for the NCLEX, we only have 3 classes left to finish the program I believe. Upon graduation, there is a CNL test you can sit for to be recognised as such.
  12. by   arciedee
    I just graduated from the program (wow, I swear I just started it yesterday!) and my undergrad GPA was in the low 3s, but my pre-reqs were much higher. I think at the time I applied there were about 100 applicants for 24 spots.

    With the direct-entry MS you will most likely start out working as a staff nurse with graduates of ADN and BSN programs, but the MS gives you an advantage a few years down the road since it will allow you to move into other positions once you have some practical experience under your belt (hopefully CNL positions if more hospitals start seeing their value!).

    If you are interested in an NP later on, you would most likely only need to go for a post-graduate certificate since you will have already completed many of the core courses.
  13. by   anlynco
    I know this thread is kind of old but I'm looking for some advice if people are still around here. My undergrad GPA was 2.98 (just below the 3.0 suggested min). My prerequisite GPA is much higher around a 3.8. I have a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and some practical experience working in a healthcare setting although I now work at a nonprofit org. Do I have a chance with a GPA that low? What could I do to strengthen my application? Is any preference given to NH residents?

    Thanks for the help!