St. Joseph Nashua Teas exam

  1. I will be taking the Teas 3.0/4.0 this coming Monday in Nashua. Can anyone give any insight into the following: is the exam done on the computer or "color the dot"? How long did it take to hear back on the results AND/OR acceptance? What is considered a "passing score" for this specific school?

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   jackiew75
    Just an FYI in the event anyone is preparing to take the exam at this school; they give you version V and you will not be able to view your results-period. Shocking to study one version only to be given another.
  4. by   teresita716
    Good Luck to you!!!

    The same thing happened to me. I was told I would be taking the 3.0/4.0 version, not the V. The reading, grammar and math were extremely easy for me. The science was not what I expected at all. I had tons of chemistry & physics. I've never even taken physics and the last time I took Chem was 8 years ago. I noticed that most schools don't even worry about the science score, but I'm pretty sure this school does. I talked to a few people that took the test before me and they had easier science questions about rocks and anatomy. Lucky them!

    Do you know how this school grades the test?
    Do you have to pass each section or do they grade the entire test collectively?
    Hopefully I passed, but if not do they let you retake the exam??

  5. by   jackiew75
    The school does not actually know what they will consider as a passing grade since the Monday I took it, was the first time it was administered. Whether they use the average grade or a combination of grades, I do not know. I was more stunned than anything else, and assume that most in there, felt the same way that I did. It was one of those moments where you wondered whether you should laugh or throw up.

    Did you apply at St. Joseph's? If not, where? Did they give you any sort of time frame on when you might be hearing anything?
  6. by   teresita716
    I will be applying to St Joseph's. They review completed applications monthly.
  7. by   jackiew75
    Have you taken the TEAS V at the school yet? I am so anxious to hear something! I submitted my application 6 weeks ago and took the exam 3 weeks ago. Now it's time to just sit and wait....
  8. by   Seb43
    I am trying to get into the PN program for this fall. I took the Teas and did great except for the sentence completion section, I made right under a 60. Do you think I will still be considered? I don't know what happend, Sentence completion is usually what I score highest on. Im so nervous right now, I don't know if I should take the test again or wait. Any thoughts?
  9. by   teresita716
    I was told that you need atleast a 65% in each section to be accepted. I got a letter in the mail 1 month after I took the TEAS. They review completed files the 15th of each month. Hope this helps.
  10. by   jackiew75
    I wouldn't worry too much about it. I did not do overly well (scored above the national average in all) and received an acceptance letter 4 weeks later. I will be attending the Keene program starting in May.
  11. by   Seb43
    Thank you so much! Jackie, did you get below a 60 on anything? Is there a certain amount of time you have to wait to take the teas again?
  12. by   sara5
    Hi all,

    I recently took the TEAS exam at St. Joseph's School and was very surprised to find out that they do not let you see your test results. I think I failed, but I am not 100% sure. Did any of you think you failed and actually passed? The only sections I am worried about are the math and science sections. When I emailed the admissions person, she stated that I should be hearing from them in about 2 weeks. Would they still review my application even if I didn't pass the TEAS? Also, how long does it take to hear if you were accepted or denied?