Rivier College, NLN

  1. Hi. I took the NLN on January 7th and I got my results yesterday. It reads as follows:

    Composite score: 123 Composite percentiles: DI (90) AD (84) ALL (85)

    My percentiles for the ALL section is 64 (verbal), 92 (math), and 68 (science)

    The school I am applying to requires 50 percentile or better. I am not sure if this is good enough though, I know nursing schools are very competitive! I am applying to a few, but hoping to get into Rivier College in Nashua NH. Please let me know how these scores are!
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  3. by   JBowk

    What other schools are you applying to? I don't know much about Rivier ( Except that I was accepted there eons ago and didn't go...If only!).

    Anyway, I can't offer much in the way of advice as I am waiting for acceptance too, but saw your post lots of places and thought I'd reply.
  4. by   NewHampshireRN
    Rivier is really expensive for the money and their NCLEX passrate hasn't been so great. Also, they charge a lot and don'[t offer much aid at all. There are other schools with higher NCLEx pass rates which will give you opportunities for financial aid and won't leave you drowning in debt. Also, lots of people FAIL their classes because they aren't prepared properly which means that you have to spend additional time and money to go through the same stuff! And you have to wait a year if a course isn't offered in the next semester. NOT WORTH IT!