Portsmouth, NH nursing and Nurse Practioner Info.

  1. My husband is a RN and will be graduating with his masters degree with a MSN in Family Nurse Practice and I am currently a per diem nurse in NY. We both have 10+ years experience on several different types of hospitals and units. We are trying to get some info. on hospitals in the Portsmouth Region. We've heard about Portsmouth Regional, Exeter Hospital, and Wentworth-Douglass. Can anyone give me information about these hospitals?

    1. Do they do 12hr, 8hr shifts, or both.
    2. Do you like working there/are you proud to work there?
    3. Pay rates for per diem nurse and if they are used frequently.
    4. Pay scale for Nurse practioners.
    5. Do the hospitals utilize NP's and to what capacity?
    6. Benefits (amount of vacation and sick time, retirement, health care insurance, child care, etc.)
    7. Overall culture of the hospital (management vs. [nurse managers, upper management, MD's] hourly payed employees [i.e nursing, nursing assistance, PT, pharmacy])
    ANY info. would be appreciated as we are trying to weigh the benefits of working in MA v. NH.
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  3. by   melmarie23
    There is also Frisbee Hospital in Rochester. If you dont mind commuting, there are Catholic Medical Center and Elliot Hospital in Manchester, Parkland Medical Center in Londonderry and Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and St. Joseph's Hospital in Nashua. And you can also look into hospitals just over the border in MA and ME. York Hospital (ME) is only about 15 mins up the road from Portsmouth. Anna Jaques hospital is in Newburyport MA and isnt far either.

    The shifts are going to depend on the unit and/or hospital. Some do 8s, others 12. Its really variable. But most of the job descriptions will specify, so look on the hospital's job search pages.
  4. by   juliagulia1
    Thanks for all of the hospital info. Are you a nurse in the area? Where do you work? Do you enjoy nursing in general in the seacoast area"? Do you enjoy living in NH? We are relocating and trying to find an environment that caters to our lifestyles. Trying to do as much research (without over doing it) in regards to the area. Any info. about NP's?

    Thanks again. That is a great list to reference. It is MUCH appreciated!
  5. by   melmarie23
    I am a new grad RN and start my first job on the 18th an will be working in Manchester. I've lived in NH for the past 2 and a half years and in New England for the past 6. I love the area-so much to do. The beach is close, as are the mountains and Boston. The history here is so rich. And Portsmouth is such a cute city.

    I cannot help you about NPs. Though I do know that some of the hospitals that I posted have had NP positions posted. I saw them when I was job searching myself.
  6. by   juliagulia1
    Just wanted to thank you again for all of your information and wish you good luck on your new job. I've been a nurse for over 10 years and, although hard at times, the profession has been rewarding in numerous ways. When it seems difficult, just take a deep breath and remember why you started on this line of work in the first place. And, NEVER take ANYTHING personally.

    Please don't feel as if you have to answer this, I was just wondering what they are starting new grads out pay wise in Manchester? No need to answer if you find it to personal. We're just trying to figure out how much of a pay cut we're looking at.

    Best of luck and enjoy.
  7. by   melmarie23
    new grads start out at about $22 or $23 an hour base pay. More if per diem because of the differential. And then you get shift diffs too.
  8. by   juliagulia1
    Do you know if they offer 8hr or 12hr shifts?
  9. by   melmarie23
    the hospital I am at does both. It depends on the unit. I think thats pretty similar for other hospitals in the area too.
  10. by   MissPamela19
    Hi all,

    I just interviewed at Portsmouth Regional on Friday (I am a new grad) - and the base rate is $21.01, $23 for me since I would be per diem, and $1.75 for evenings, $1.75 for weekends, and $6.50 for nights.
  11. by   juliagulia1
    Thanks so much for all the info. This helps out a lot. Let me know if you enjoy working in your facility. First jobs are tough as you are learning the ropes. Hang in there and enjoy!
  12. by   FairyPrincess06
    Does anyone know anything about the new grad Prog at Elliot hospital?
    Also should I already have my nh licence process started by the interview(licensed in MA already)or should I wait to see if I get an offer?