NH State Exam for LNA - study tips please!

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this...

    I will be starting my LNA classes at Medpro Educational Services next month & have begun reading the book as we are supposed to read the first seven chapters before the class begins. I feel very overwhelmed with the amount of information & was wondering if I had to know literally everything in this book or if some stuff is just informational & I only need to memorize the stuff that actually pertains to being a LNA? I've been out of school for a while & so I don't know even where to begin in how to remember everything. I do know however, that I will greatly benefit from the clinicals, as I learn best through visually seeing & doing. So these are the things that I am wondering about:

    What exactly do you have to know for the LNA - NH State Exam?
    Any Study Tips you can give me for how you learned everything?
    What do you have to memorize from the book?
    Does the LNA course consist of both clinicals & classes?

    Thank you for your help!
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  3. by   LaLaEm4

    I just finished with MedPro and took and passed my license test on the 19th.

    If I could have told myself one thing- it would have been to relax. Honestly.
    I am a college student, I have a 3.4 GPA and I was literally losing sleep thinking that I would not do well w/ the class.

    If you have not already started, please take my advice. Really. I wish someone would have told me this.

    Look over the chapter and read the stuff that's in the margins and just get the gist of it. DO NOT do what I did and take 20 pages of notes per chapter. Please.

    I say this because it is state mandated that they go over all of the reading material in class and if you do what I did- 20 pages of notes- you will fall asleep and you will just beat yourself up for killing that many trees.

    It is important to review. But I am not exaggerating when I say if you look over the material, play close attention in clinicals, you will be absolutely FINE.
    My final average for the course was a 98. I honestly never read any other chapters other than the first seven because you will see how they go over it and you will realize that reviewing class material is sufficient.
    It is not to say that you should not prepare. There were people in my class who just did not give a damn and they did awfully w/ the patients.

    Safety is a huge thing. Get the glove removal technique down pat- they'll go over that early on, and memorize KINDLY WASH HANDS as soon as possible. You'll see what I mean when you start. It sounds stupid, but really, it helps. (Each letter in the sentence stands for a step you have to do when interacting w/ a patient).

    Okay. As for the state exam- I volunteered to go first to get it over with and I got lucky. Be respectful of whoever your instructor is and get in good w/ them. Don't suck up, you know what I mean- just do your stuff and try your hardest and don't treat the instructor like an idiot- some students did. Anyway, I think that my getting along so great with the instructor helped because my state exam test consisted of the two easiest possible things. Taking a pt's radial pulse and putting a gown on a patient w/ right sided hemi-paralysis. Very easy. Very easy.
    I'm writing a book here, aren't I?!

    Anyway, it's a wonderful experience and it will change you for the better. Really. It's probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself in this stage in my life and it's the farthest thing that I would have ever imagined doing. (I'm an actress)

    Most of all, good luck and remember to always treat the patient as if they were your own grandparent- that's what helps me the most.

    If you need anymore help or advice or information please don't hesitate to contact me because I wish I had had someone while I was going through it.

    **ALSO- apply to jobs while you are in the program- it will be a much easier and faster transition**

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    The class will be fine. I got an 86 on my first exam and I didnt study. 92 and 96 when I did. State test is clinical skills, perform 3 of them according to procedure. Should be easy if you study it well. See you out there.