LPN to RN bridge @ Rivier, clep courses

  1. Hello. I am in the process of getting my application process done for the LPN to RN bridge program at Rivier in Nashua, NH. Has anyone gone through this? My biggest question is about Clepping out of courses -- I have to take the NLN, and Clep out of One Nursing course and my A&P.. Has anyone gone through this and does anyone have any suggestions/tips.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   MrsMig
    Hey there - I have inquired w/Rivier but have found them to be a bit pretentious. I think they are incredibly wonderful but like most colleges, expect/want you to take all your courses within their facility. Also, I find that Rivier is outrageously overpriced equated to other programs in the area surrounding areas. Where are you from? I'm in the Southern part of the State. With all that said, it is my understanding you will have to take seperate Clep exams for each course and the NLN is an overall comprehensive "mini boards" if you ask me....and of course you pay individually for them all. PLUS, you 'may' be subject to standards of a certain passing ratio. I was scheduled to go to their open house on 8/10 but didn't because I think they are out of my league and will continue on w/other options of Community Colleges in my area.

    I am a recent grad so I think I should be able to get all my classes passed and anticipate getting into their program soon. I have looked at others and realize that so many programs want fees and tests....seems excessive and selective.

    My thoughts about you are - where are you located and why is Rivier your college of thought? Do you have other options? Have you looked at their tuition? How long have you been an LPN?

    Interested in hearing your 411
  4. by   NewHampshireRN
    Rivier is really expensive...They will let you clep out of some things but not all. I would ask them upfront because it has been an issue for some in the past. Also, Riv is VERY expensive and seems to be no better than NHTI. NHTI has a better NCLEX pass rate. UNH is a very good school.