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  1. I am soon to start my LNA course and I know that I would like to end up in either Pedi or Obstetrics. Does anyone have some advice about helping to make myself a better candidate for these specific areas? Good courses in the seacoast area? Any opinions about what hospitals are better to look at trying to get into? Any to try and stay away from?

    I think I have more questions than I realized LOL!!!

    Thanks much
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  3. by   niko1999 RN BSN
    Chances are, youll do your training in LTC. Its just the way it works. Though almost every hospital claims to hire newbies, the chances of that happening(at least here in the seacoast), are slim. My advice, after you take your classes, get your foot in the door with LTC, obviously still apply to the hospitals, but youll have a better chance getting into hospital with experience already. However, exeter is hiring for summer interns, maybe that would be something to look into. Actually, I should too! Cheers!