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Has anyone applied to Holy Name Hospital RN program for 2010? I took the teas March 27th and am still waiting for my results.... Read More

  1. by   tmhart
    Congrats! Best of luck to you
  2. by   mamabear85
    Hi everyone!
    Just had my interview today and I'm wondering how long before you heard from them? From what I've read on this forum an interview is a positive thing but not definite. I'm not sure how long I can wait!! Thanks and good luck to you all in the coming school year.
  3. by   peanut901
    I heard around 3 weeks later.
  4. by   mamabear85
    Thanks peanut901, I hope I can wait that long!
  5. by   peanut901
    I heard quicker than I was told so don't worry!!! Good luck
  6. by   mriso
    i have an interview on June 9. How was the interview? Is it hard? Were there any students who went to an interview and didn't get accepted? Im worried about it.
  7. by   ladybug09
    I'm interested in applying for the Fall 2012 program and on the website it says you would need to have completed 1 yr of high school chemistry but I never took it in high school. I also took only prealgebra in my HS. Will the school deny my application if I apply without these on my HS trancsript? Also, do they factor in your college gpa for admissions? Just curious
  8. by   mamabear85
    I heard yesterday and I'm in!!! I'm feeling rushed with all the paperwork deadlines but so excited!! Thanks for your advice peanut901, I really appreciate it
    Good luck to everyone who's still waiting to hear!
  9. by   tmhart
    Congrats!! We'll be classmates.. I'm actually going Monday to order uniforms!
  10. by   mamabear85
    Thank you!!
    I have an appointment for my physical and all that on Monday. I have to call on Monday, I have soooooo many questions, especially about the deadlines. I'm cutting it way close with everything!! LOL Going to see if I can do uniforms next week too.
    Where are you from? I live in Dumont.
  11. by   tmhart
    I have mostly everything done. I was waitlisted last year so I knew if I didnt get in I had a spot for 2011. I have had alot of time to get things together. I live in Washington Township.
  12. by   tmhart
    Has anyone purchased a stethoscope yet? Im not sure which to go with. I was looking at the Littmann Master Classic II and the Littmann Classic II SE.. any suggestions?
  13. by   peanut901
    Congrats!! I'm sure you feel great now that the waiting is over. I'm very anxious to find out my schedule for next year I need to order my uniform as well and begin the search for all white sneakers haha