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  1. Can anyone that is currently a nursing student or was a nursing student at GBCC tell me about where clinical sites are located? I'm traveling from Saco, Maine and so I'm just curious how far out they place students for clinicals. thanks!
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    Congratulations on acceptance! I'm a fourth semester student at GBCC, and if memory serves me right our first semester sites were in Dover, Exeter, Portsmouth, and Brentwood. Speaking as a commuter, the faculty seems to have made great attempts to place me in clinical sites that minimize my drive time. That being said, the closest clinical site to my house is still a thirty mile drive, lol
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    Thank you! It is a huge relief to be accepted into a nursing program. I'm commuting from Saco, Maine and I will be driving somewhere around 43 miles each way just to get to the GBCC campus. So I'm hoping clinical sites are not too far from campus, since I'm already 45-50 minutes away! Also, I do not know NH well at all so I will need to go get lost and find the place before clinicals start. Have you enjoyed the program? Do you feel prepared for NCLEX and a nursing career? I'm very excited. Is Eva's uniform the only place to get uniforms?
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    I'm quite impressed with the program and most of the faculty here. Clinical sites can extend as far south into Lawrence MA, but for the most part all are within thirty minutes of campus in Dover, Portsmouth, Exeter and Rochester. I commute fifty miles one way to campus, and my furthest clinical site was just over sixty miles. GBCC cant claim the same 100% first time NCLEX pass rate that Manchester has recently, but 46 of 48 2011 graduates passed on the first attempt, and yes I feel they have made an extroardinary attempt to prepare us. As far as scrubs, I believe Eva's only does business online, and have no experience with their services. Most of us purchase scrubs at Stacey's Scrub Hub on Route 108 in Somersworth. There was a recent mention of a sale there and that students were picking up uniforms super cheap if you're interested in taking a ride in that direction to check things out. Feel free to ask away if you like, I'll answer what I can!
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    Thanks! Wow sounds like your commute is as long as mine is going to be! I'm glad to hear you say you feel prepared. I knew the pass rates were good, but that may not have anything to do with the sanity and peace of mind for students. I've been on the look out for a website for Stacey's Scrub Hub and I can't seem to find a website for them, only a facebook. Do you guys get your patches embroidered at the Scrub Hub too? or do you just buy them there? If they embroider can you bring scrubs to them and pay for just the embroidering there? Are we allowed to wear only the hunter green or is white also ok? If you're in need of scrubs I was given a discount for when I bought a few things. Feel free, there is no cost for shipping on orders of $100 or more...

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    I've heard of students carrying a pulse ox, does anybody have them? if so is it worth buying? Are most students using PDAs or smart phones for school? Thinking about purchasing a digital recorder so I can listen to lectures on the drive down, thinking that could be helpful. Also thinking a GPS could be helpful since I don't know the area. Lastly what stethoscope did you choose for clinical and were you happy with it?
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    The scrubs are Barco in Hunter Green, but I see you've already done your research on that. There was a small selection of white labcoats we were allowed to choose from also, but no white scrubs. I know Stacey's offered embroidery with the purchase of our uniforms, and pretty sure they would embroider yours for a small fee. Although I've heard of students having purchased equipment for clinical use at other programs there has been no mention of it at GBCC. I'm pretty sure the theory is that the facilities purchase, test and maintain or choose not to maintain this equipment, and if there is a malfunction they are responsible. Even if done with the best of intentions if your equipment malfunctions and someone is inadvertently hurt, you could be held responsible. I'm not saying a pulse ox will cause direct harm, but your care would be different if a client had actual O2 sats of 86% as compared to a faulty reading of 96%. You need the basics, Stethoscope, scissors, kelly clamps, and penlight. I seem to hear as well out of the cheap stethoscopes as my cardiology 3, but it's a personal preference. I still hear compressors in the background and it's been a few years since I've regularly been on the jobsite, so don't base your choice on my recommendation, lol. Many students have smartphones with many apps downloaded for use also, and instructor's allow lectures to be recorded, but have a preference that we ask before recording as a courtesy. As far as GPS, you'll repeatedly be at the same clinical sites, so if you're comfortable with Mapquest you'd really be fine. I often have more difficulty navigating inside the facilities than I do of finding them.
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    I had heard mixed things about having a pulse ox. I agree it could definitely be a risk. I'm glad I don't have to buy one to be honest, as they are not cheap. Thanks for your info I really appreciate it! Do you know if we are allowed to wear any of the hunter green barco tops? or do they all have to be exactly the same for everyone? Unisex tops are HUGE on me, so I was hoping to buy women's tops. The ICU line has 2 different women's tops offered in hunter green. Also, there are no pockets in the unisex top except the one breast pocket.
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    I'm pretty sure we're wearing a Barco 7178 three pocket unisex vtop. It appears to be still available, and thank god for that because women's tops wouldn't be too flattering on a guy my size, lol. I'd suggest calling the Scrub Hub to see if she knows if it's available, for you to wear. I've never seen a classmate in the women's tops, but see no reason you shouldn't be able to wear them. We were allowed a pick of scrub bottoms last year, one unisex and one women's I believe. Good luck with that!
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    ahaha, ok thanks I will just go with women's tops. They are V necks and in the same color by Barco so they don't look much different they just fit a whole lot better on a petite gal like myself. I'm only 5'1" so unisex Small is still HUGE on me. I know scrubs are never really figure flattering by any means, but it would be nice if I didn't look like I weigh 50 lbs more than I really do or have so much extra material that it is a high possibility of catching it on things.

    Yet another thing I was wondering about was tattoos and piercings. I have one 1.5 square inch tattoo on the inside of my right bicep that is covered by short sleeve scrubs, but occasionally peeks out when I move around. Just wondering what the policy is on that. I have three piercings in each ear, but I always wear very small hoops or studs. I hate heavy dangle or huge "hoochey" hoop earrings as I so fondly call them, so I definitely will not miss not being able to wear those types of earrings. I'm just hoping I will not have to take any of my earrings out, but I've heard different things about nursing programs getting pretty fussy about ink and piercings. Thanks for answering my 50 questions!
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    I don't mind answering your questions at all. My advice about the tattoo would be to just not draw attn to it. I have many classmates with small tattoos on the back of the neck and wrist and I've never heard any mention of them having to be covered in clinical. some students simply choose to wear a long sleeve tee under their uniforms.If it were a 3/4 sleeve I'd say cover it, but I'd tend to think you'll be ok. I know school policy on earrings is one set of small studs, but have seen more. Again, if you don't call attn to it I think you'll be fine. The instructors are far more concerned with your education than policing uniforms and earrings. That being said if you use good judgement and don't do something foolish like wearing Uggs to clinical I think you'll be just fine.