Do you have to be 18 to become an LNA?

  1. I want to become an LNA before I got to college and I was reading up on LNA Health Careers and it says they take people as young as 16 years in age would it be possible to take these classes during the summer (I will be 17 in march of this year) and become an LNA (and work as one) While in highschool?
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  3. by   megankw
    When i was in my weekend LNA class we had a girl in high school but she only went to a few classes. Not sure if it was just bad timing for her. She was in the middle of doing her SATs. I think she was only 16 but you should be able to do it. Is the class you plan to take in the summer? A little confused from your post. I think that would be your best option to do it in the summer so it does not inturrupt with anything from high school.
    Good Luck!
  4. by   JulielovesCody
    I was planning on trying to do it during the summer
  5. by   maggiex3
    I took my LNA class during my senior year of high school, my class was on the weekend for six weeks. It is totally manageable and it really is a good way to get some experience before college so you can be sure of what you want to do.
  6. by   RNmilwife
    I think you can be 17. I worked at an SNF with a HS senior.