Anyone know where I can find work in Manchester?

  1. Good afternoon everyone

    I've been looking for a new LNA job for a couple weeks now and am not having too much luck. Nothing in the paper, And it seems that all the places I've been applying to are not hiring. I've got over a year of experience and cpr certification.

    Any websites where I can locate a new job in the Manchester area? Got any leads?

    Thank you one and all!

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  3. by   arciedee
    Are you interested in hospital or long-term care jobs? Elliot and CMC are usually advertising. I've had little luck applying through their website, but I know people have had more luck actually going to HR and dropping off their resumes.
  4. by   RNWannaBe724
    I'm sorry to hear you are having such a hard time = It is a tough time for everyone it seems.
    Have you looked on or
    I am not sure if there are specific health career job listing sites, but perhaps do a google search for lna jobs in NH?
    Have you tried at all of the hospitals and nursing homes?

    I have contemplated becoming a cna or lna, but I do not see many advertisements in my area (north conway, nh) so I am deterred from that, and I will make less than I do now, though it may help me understand whether or not I want to become a nurse.

    Best of luck! Google is my best friend
  5. by   Austali
    If you want hospital work, try Elliot or CMC web sites. Hillsborough County Nursing Home in Goffstown is hiring as well as most nursing homes in the area.You can do an on-line search for nursing homes in NH and try their individual web sites for applications.