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Has anyone heard from NHCTC-Nashua? I was told in my interview that we'd hear about whether we got accepted or not in late March. I got a Transfer Credit Evaluation last week, but no word on... Read More

  1. by   roxxy3773
    Congratulations Joelle001! You must be sooo happy! That is a lot of pressure waiting on just one school, I'm glad you made it!!!
  2. by   Cymy
    Quote from Joelle001
    I'm in!!!!!!!!!
    Me too. I knew the letters were coming today so I chased the mailman down in the neighborhood hours before he would have gotten to my house. He probably thinks I'm crazy, but he did give me my mail!
  3. by   Joelle001
    Thank you Roxxy!

    Cymy FANTASTIC!!!!!!! :smiley_aa Congrats

    I was a wreck this afternoon after my friend got her waitlist letter
  4. by   roxxy3773
    Congratulations Cymy! That is too funny that you chased the mailman down!!! I bet this is probably typical for mailmen, I'm sure there are more very anxious people waiting on letters since this is probably the time of year that most letters go out for all types of programs, so they might be used to students chasing them down and stalking them! :roll Maybe they expect us crazies!!
    Maybe they have a training and they are told to just give the crazy students their mail and they will go away :chuckle
    Anyway, congrats again!
    I hope my mailman brings mine soon!!!
  5. by   GottaGetIn
    Congrats Cymy!! Good Luck Roxxy!!

    Hey, if you guys don't mind me asking, what was your NLN score? I really shouldn't care that I didn't get in because I am going somewhere else for the fall, but for some reason, it's totally grating on my nerves!

    I have all of my prereqs done (from a community college in MA) and have all A's. I had kick a$$ recommendations, however, I blew the NLN. I only got a 116 because I missed 20 questions in the verbal section. Thought we had to stop at 60 but there were 80 questions!

    I don't have any medical experience so I'm sure that, in combo with my weak NLN score counted against me also. I think it's crazy that a straight A student wasn't even wait listed. The rejection letters they send out are mean!!

    Can you tell I'm bitter?

    Anyway, if you guys are willing to share what your gpa's and nln scores, it would make me feel much better.

  6. by   Cymy
    Quote from GottaGetIn
    Anyway, if you guys are willing to share what your gpa's and nln scores, it would make me feel much better.

    I don't normally announce my NLN score (or any score!) because I don't want people to hate me. :P 160... I test well. I found the test really hard--some of the stuff I had no clue about, especially on the science section. I left it knowing I would get over 101, but didn't think I'd do that well. I still ended up getting, I think, 12 wrong in the science section. It was th math and verbal that got me my score.

    GPA is 3.8 over the past two semesters (As and A-s), prior to that (many years ago) it pretty much sucked because I didn't try and walked out on a lot of classes without dropping--those classes I did finish I never opened the books so not a lot of As back then. No medical experience other than from a personal standpoint.
  7. by   GottaGetIn
    WOW! I think that's the highest NLN score I've heard of! Even on this board! You should be proud of that and now I KNOW why I didn't get in!!

    Congrats to you! You deserve it!

    I'm going to Northern Essex CC in MA, and I know that we have some clinicals at the same places. Maybe I'll see you around!

    Make sure to hit the Nursing Student Forum so we can all commiserate this fall!
  8. by   Joelle001
    160!!!!!!!!!! WOW

    I had a 137 NLN. I can't think of my past GPA off the top of my head but I did a double major previously and graduated with honors. So I think that had to be at least a 3.7 to get honors. I would have to look it up to know my exact GPA. Anything since then A or A- No medical experience