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are you going to, or been to nhti's nursing program?? could u tell me what it's like? i am having a hard time seeing that i can work full time in northern nh where i live, and go to classes and... Read More

  1. by   mtruland
    I got into NHTI on the first time around. I registered for the NLN exams two days before the test, and they accepted me into the program. I transferred from UNH. I got at least 90% in all of my NLN sub-categories. I'm transferring from UNH. Hopefully all goes well.

    Feel free to PM me if you need anything! I'm open to any discussion.
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  2. by   Supafry
    I am going to be attending NHTI this Fall also. I was curious if anyone had any insight on the math test they administer during orientation? Is it just basic math like on the NLN or more dosage calc. and conversions? Thanx in advance.
  3. by   mtruland
    I've heard from someone that it was some basic stuff with the med calc as well.

    Where are you from Supafry? I'm from Lancaster.
  4. by   Supafry
    I live right in Concord.
  5. by   mtruland
    Oh, that's cool. I'm most likely going to be living in the dorms... Two years of that will be okay though...
  6. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    good luck! I just graduated from NHTI and they are pretty strict with the math. I recommend getting a drug calculation book like math for meds and practicing. You have to pass the math test each semester with at least a 90% and you have three tries. If you dont pass its an automatic failure for clinical.

  7. by   mtruland
    What is the math like? I have a book that someone gave me. It's a math for nurses book, which should help if needed.

    I took calc, so I should be fine. Math was never an enemy, but this math really counts. Patient's lives are in out hands.
  8. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Here are a couple of sample questions:

    Mr. smith is to receive 500 mg of an antibiotic. The concentration is 125 mg/ mL, how many mL will you give to Mr. jones in order to administer the prescribed dose?

    johny is to take 1000 mL of fluids PO every 12 hours. For every 100 mL he is short he is to receive 50 mL via NG tube. In the last 12 hours he has drank an 8 oz glass of juice, 150 mL popsicle, 1 pint of milk, and a quart of orjange juice. How many mL has johny drank in the last 12 hours? How many mL of free water should be given via NG tube?

  9. by   mtruland
    Not too bad. How'd I fare?

    A. 4mL
    B. Johnny has taken 1806 mL of fluids. No water via NG tube.
    (That being if 8oz=236.6mL, 1pt=473.2mL, and 1quart=946.35mL)
  10. by   mtruland

    I just barely got my scrubs and stuff in the mail from the uniform store that handles NHTI's uniforms. Everything fits, but the labcoat is VERY uncomfortable. What are the odds that they'd let me get one without the elastic cuffs? I have no clue how strict they are.

    I'm looking for something online that matches the design, length, and style of the labcoat that NHTI sent me, just without the six inch arm cuffs.

    Is there a reason for the seriously long cuffs?
  11. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    umm.. your suppose to fold them over silly...Swtooth
  12. by   mtruland
    Quote from Sweetooth EMT-P, RN
    umm.. your suppose to fold them over silly...Swtooth
    I did, yet was still unsure. I'm sure they'll loosen up after a few washes.

    I appreciate the help... however obvious it was...

  13. by   workerbeezee
    Hey, I'm will be Starting in January at NHTI for Nursing...also my wife is in her final year of the LPN program. She did that because the waiting list was so long. And they screwed up her intake. When they reviewed her for the Nursing program all the pre-reqs she had completed were not showing up. So it didn't show that she had all pre reqs completed she also had a very high GPA and was also a PHI THETA KAPPA..
    HMMM..... makes ya wonder. But I digress. NHTI has the highest percentage of people passing the test into nursing so they must be doing something right. I Live here in Penacook. And I'm also looking for locals who want to form study groups.
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