New graduate RN from Tx need job in Orlando area.


Hello everyone,

My husband recently got a new job in Orlando and moved down there few months ago and I am still here in TX to finish my school; expect to graduate in May 2008:cheers:. Last few weeks, I've been researching jobs for new graduate RN internship. Well, I have to tell Ya'll there are some, but not many (or they're not posting on their website). I guess my best bet will be either Florida hospital or Lakeland Regional.

So, here is my questions.

Can anyone tell me what's best way to get a job as a new graduate in around that area? (It sounds kind of stupid, but our school in Dallas, campus recruiters come to us and we give our resumes, then they contact)

Any advices, info, contacts (like, campus recruiter) will be really appreciated


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Your best bet would be to apply for the position online and then follow up in a week or two with HR and speak with a nurse recruiter. Will you be back before May in order to interview? You really shouldnt have a problem getting hired at all. ORMC and Florida Hospital are always recruiting new nurses! I went to a job fair at ORMC and they called me several times to try to get me in for an interview...I now live in Tampa though so I wasnt interested in a position at the time...I just went to the job fair because it was on a clinical day when I happened to be there.


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Click HERE....

These are jobs under ORMC that are open now for nurses. You will see there are TONS of openings.


Is Florida Hospital Grad nurse information and contacts. Hospitals in this area, I am 45 miles east of Orlando on the east coast, are in dire need of nurses. So many people move here every day that the health care industry cannot keep up with them. I am still a student but I have yet to find 1 hospital that won't take new grads. They might be fairly strict on what departments you can start out in, but within 50 miles of me there are over 20 hospitals and ALL take new grads. I think you will be fine once you get here and see just how INSANELY crowded this area is. Welcome to Florida when you make it here. Congrats on being close to graduation.

Thank you so much nurz2be & luv4nursing. You guys made me feel so much better. I guess I don't have to worry much about finding a job in that area. Since I am planning to going down there for my spring break, I will send out my resume around that time, so I can have interview while I am there. Anyway, I really appreciate your replys.

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