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New Graduate RN Essay

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by sandysam sandysam (Member)

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I am applying for my first position as a new graduate RN and I have to write a 250-word essay about why I am choosing this specific hospital to work at, 3 areas that I am interested in and what I will bring to the hospital's team. It is not a specific area I am applying to, I give them the areas I am interested in and if I am lucky enough to get the job (or even an interview!) I will be placed in one of those areas. I do not know how to start this essay. I know I would like to work with adults/geriatrics in some sort of stepdown unit, and I love cardiovascular surgery (currently work as a CNA on a unit like). Any ideas/help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

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Just start writing and see where it takes you. You can always go back and edit to your heart's content.

YOU are the one applying for a job so you need to put YOUR OWN words into the essay.

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