New Graduate Nurse vs Nurse Residency


This may sound silly but Im kind of confused at the difference between New Graduate Nurse Program and Nurse Residency Program. If there is, What are there differences plus Which is best? Thanks in advance :)

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There really is no difference. Both are just terms hospitals use to label the special orientations they have for new graduates. There is no standardization of the language used to market those programs. Some hospitals will have a "new grad orientation program" that is just as thorugh as a residency program in another part of town. Some hospitals will use a fancy label for their new grad orientations, but offer nothing different from their regular orientation for experienced nurses.

You have to look at the details of any particular program to assess it. Some are terrific: others are not. And that is true regardless of the label they use to name it.

But in general ... both expressions are used to label orientation programs that are longer than usual and more tailored to meet the special needs of the new graduate in their first job. Beyond that, each hospital designs their programs and uses whatever label it wants to use.


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Thank you llg! I thought it would because like you said some are longer than usual and that missed guide me. ;)