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hey, I graduated in the fall. I'm having a really hard time finding work. The only place where I have family is in California so I was thinking about moving there. I want to find a job or set up some interviews before I move. How would I do that? Should I use my family's address, should I get my license there before I start applying? Should I even move there?

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I don't mean to be a debbie downer, but the market here in CA is bad. I graduated about 6 months ago and only a hand full of class mates have found jobs in hospitals, a couple in home health and some in nursing homes functioning in a similar capacity as an LVN.

When I was in school, they recommended for us to leave ca to get experience and then come back after a year or two.

Thanks! I know someone who found a job there and I read somewhere that there are hiring in ca. Now I know.

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Thanks! I know someone who found a job there and I read somewhere that there are hiring in ca. Now I know.

I was hired at a hospital in a small town off the beaten path 3 days before I passed NCLEX, but I was VERY lucky, and I work in a hospital that not many people are willing to work in. It's not impossible to get hired here, but there's a lot of competition. Best of luck, whatever you decide.

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I live in CA and obtained my license in Jan

2010 at age 51. I placed applications at every hospital that was hiring all over the State of Ca to "get in my two years exp.". is a good site to subscribe to. I also viewed hospital websites to apply. Nothing, only one interview for a L&D new grad RN, which I didn't get.

My first job was through Maxim temp service, and I recently worked for an endoscopy center, but I had to have foot surgery and they fired me (yes it's legal, employers can do anything they want). After I recover from surgery, I feel confident that I can get a position at a surgery center or something similar. So don't think that if don't have hospital exp that you're not hireable. Good luck! How do I change my profile on my iPhone? Thanks for any advice!

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