New Graduate Internships???


Hello All!

As graduation nears, I'm thinking about jobs! Do any of you work at, or know of specific hospitals that offer new grad (RN) internships in L&D? Would you be willing to point me in their direction? (you can pm me if you don't want to post your hospital online)

I'm in Oregon, and am willing to relocate for the right opportunity, especially to a sunnier climate - LOL! The hospital I work at does not have an internship program. Went through a fairly painful divorce last year and would really like to "start over" somewhere else anyway. Currently, I work in postpartum as an LPN - hoping that will help.

Thank you for your help! :)



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You have a pm! Oh, and by the way, this particular hospital I pm'd you about actually NEEDS L&D nurses, including new grads!


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Thank you nekhismom!!

The information was exactly the kind of was looking for.



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