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NEW GRADS IN VA (hampton roads area)

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I just recently passed my boards first try on October 1, 2009. I am currently a CNA at a hospital. I just missed the RN internship class. I talked to most of the the nurse managers, they have reached their limit for new grad positions. So Im still doing my CNA title until I hear back from other facilities I applied at, or a position opens up within the hospitial. Is there anyone who lives in the hampton roads area knowing of any facilities hiring new grads Rns? This is depressing anyone else having trouble? Im just being patient and will continue to keep looking, God hasn't brought me this far to leave me stranded.

I just graduated from HU in may and I heard that Bon Secours are looking at new grads, like DePaul, also Sentara Bayside, maybe the Careplex, even CHKD.... I'm no longer in VA but Im thinking of going back because there are little to no jobs elsewhere. The east coast seems to be doing better than other areas...

Also don't forget about the VAMC!


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Congrats on passing your boards first try! I live in the Outer Banks, originally from Norfolk. Try going on the Sentara website.....they have alot of hospitals to choose from. Down here everyone wants RNs except for LTC. When I searched the hospitals in the hampton roads area, there were tons of RN posistions. Good Luck!:bugeyes:

thanks I applied to sentara facilities and bons secure website basically they said they call me when a position for new grad comes available