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Hi all,

I will be graduating in Decemeber with my BSN from a university in Southern CA. I am interested in moving to and getting a job in Las Vegas, NV because of the cost of living in CA, etc. I am aware of the starting wages for a new grad in CA, but I am wondering what current new grad wages are in NV. I have looked everywhere and cannot find current wages.

From what I can see, there are more new grad positions opening in Las Vegas compared to where I am currently. Its been very difficult for many graduating students for the past year or so to get a new grad job here. Do new grad programs generally start in February?

Any info I can get would be helpful!!

Thanks!! :)

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You may post this on the Region forum under Nevada.

Good luck finding a job in LV!! I still have several classmates from 2009 graudating class SEARCHING for any position they can find here that will take new grad nurses. One of the big factors of your pay here is what kind of degree you have (ADN, BSN, etc..). One hospital recently offered a spot to a classmate of mine and offered $23 starting. Another classmate got $25. Just to give you an idea! One nice thing about NV is that, right now, there are NO state income taxes, which adds to your total take home pay. One of the biggest problems with LV now is that our economy is still in suffering and there are 5 nursing schools here still pumping out new graduates and the ones before them are fighting for jobs.Have you looked into RENO, NV?

Hi! Thanks so much for that pay info! I have my long list of hospitals here in CA as well as those in LV... and I will take anything I can get! Although ideally, I would like to move to LV right away because I want to buy a home there, if I get a job here then it will be on hold until I have more experience!! I will have my BSN, certifications (ACLS, etc.) and work experience, so I am hoping that will help me!!! I just want a JOB!!!

With your degree and certifications and some experience, you should do just fine!

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