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Hey y'all. I was a new grad in Texas but only did 5 months before we had to move to Ca. From what I've been hearing from interviews is since I only have 5 months experience, I am still a new grad and need to apply to new grad residencies. In texas, the hospital websites posted all the info on dates for new grad residencies(start dates and application dates) on the residency info page. I'm in the Ventura county area and none of the websites have any real info on the residencies dates. Am I missing something?


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St John's Hospital both Oxnard and Camarillo have current new grad and less than 1 year experience openings in all departments including ER ICU OR Tele/Medsurg


Also CMHS in Ventura will be opening their nurse residency soon. There also lots of openings for new nurses with less than a year experience 

VCMC , Los Robles Medical Center, Santa Paula Hospital are all hiring 


I think the highest paid nurses are at St John - Oxnard and Camarillo campuses. They are unionized with new contract negotiations to start next year 






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