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Hello all!

I am a New-graduate recently moved to Danbury, CT area. I am having pretty tough time getting an interview. I have filled out many online applications but have not heard from anyone. I am kind of getting depressed :( I am going to be volunteering at Danbury Hospital but it will not be until another month and a half. Any advice? helpful hints? Thank you all in advance.

Danbury is really close to the NY line. Have you expanded your search to the other side?

I've looked at the Danbury Hospital job postings, and it looks like they only want grad nurses who are already hospital employees. So maybe volunteering will give you a leg up. What will you be doing as a volunteer?

Thank you for your response!

I have not looked into NY as I would need RN license for that state, correct?. I will look into it. I am getting my paperwork all together for the volunteering. I want to ask to volunteer ER or pediatric floor- pretty much running errands for nurses, stocking rooms, I think close to what ER technician does but of course no patient care. But I won't start volunteering until January due to holidays and stuff :( so I am still trying to apply to as many jobs as I possibly could.


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ximab - I'm sending you a PM about this topic, we're in the same boat!