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Hi i m a new grad. i have not taken my boards yet but i got a job as RNA at a this hospital in med/surg unit. It was my third week in orientation and i already feel too much. Blood transfusin, Pain meds Q3H, admits, discharge.

my preceptor has 6 pts and i had 3 of thm. i feel like so stupid. i have so many questions and it delays pt treatment. i dont think my preceptor or charge nurse or manager is happy with me. what do i do. i m so lost. i take my boards next month......................plz help me

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Are you doing research at home? Get into your school books, learn the textbook treatments. Are you doing any assignments for your orientation? I'd only suggest doing more of your own research before asking questions. Maybe get one of the "pocket notes" for med-surg.

One other piece of advice is to make sure you are getting frequent DETAILED feedback from your preceptor (weekly at a minimum), that way you know where you stand. Don't be scared to request another preceptor if the two of you don't mesh, her/his style of teaching may not suit you best. Maybe discuss things with a third party that's been around there for a while or maybe someone that was precepted by the same person.

I had a poor first RN job experience from which I have determined much of the problem was on me and some on the organization. Above is part of my solution in my next job. Another thing that I read here, thought was kind of hokey, but have decided to do it; is to where your nursing pin as a reminder to you of where you were 2 years ago, I think it reminds others that you're new and need some patience.

All of that and study for your NCLEX. Maybe ask for time off to concentrate on your studying. Could it be that with your floor learning and studying for NCLEX you are stretched too thin, overwhelmed with all the changes?

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