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New grad out of state... what to do?

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Hey there! I am currently a nursing student in Alabama and I will graduate with my ADN in December. My plan has never been to stay in Alabama for a number of reasons and I would like to begin my career in Florida. I am seeking advice on what I should do after graduation. I have many unanswered questions... should I apply for jobs before I take the NCLEX even though I will be moving out of state? I am afraid that I would accept a job and then end up not passing the NCLEX (definitely not the plan) and would be stuck in a rut. Ideally I would like to take the Florida boards and then accept a job, but I'm not really sure in what order I should be doing these things. Does anyone have any insight on how much new grads are being paid in the St. Petersburg area? Day and night shift. In a perfect world, I would be hired into any emergency department, but I know many of them are hesitant about hiring new grads. I have worked as a unit secretary in a level 2 trauma center emergency department for the past 4 years, so whereas I do not have ED nursing experience, I do technically have a lot of ED experience, so I am hoping that helps me out a bit. Any advice that anyone has about starting out as a new nurse in Florida from out of state would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to go into this as prepared as possible.



As for the licensure thing, apply to the FL BON to take NCLEX there, or it take it in AL and have the results sent to FL. Call them and ask which they prefer.

As for the job applications, start now. Prospective employers know you are a student and if they plan to hire new grads they will be able to offer you employment conditional on your passing NCLEX (so arrange to take it asap to make yourself more competitive related to other new grads applying at the same time).