New Grad starting in NICU has a few questions

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Hello everyone,

my neame is Dawn and i am staring school in september.I am thinking of going into NICU and labor and delivery.I have 3 kids and would love to see and help someone else give birth.I just wanted to know how every likes NICU an.d if you know if i could do both .I stay watching show like labor and delivery and the health channels my husband keeps saying i can't want til you get in school maybe you won't watch it so much but i think i'll witch it more if thats possilbe.:eek:

Heather333 you saound like me .I just wanted to say good luck!!!!:) And hello to everyone else!!!!


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But how does a GN get into the NICU. I have been checking into large hospitals in Jacksonville, FL and the GN programs do not include NICU positions. I really want to work in the NICU and I graduate in four months. I do not know how to get my foot in the door. Any advice?

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