New grad starting on floor this week


Hi everyone!

I am starting on the floor next week on a peds medical unit. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me as far as keeping organized. Or any suggestions pertaining to anything. Does anyone have any peds report sheet tips?

I also was wondering if anyone knew of any peds books or websites I could use as resources to refresh my mind. I might just use my peds nursing book from school. Thank you very much!:D


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I also am new RN and start my FIRST job on Pedi/PICU April 6th! I am sooo excited but sooo nervous! I have been reviewing my Pedi Nursing made Incerdibly easy as a Brush up on commone Pedi diseases (CF, Rotavirus, Asthma, post op ect.) I also got a 1/2" Binder and with dividers to help time management and keep organized. I have watched my preceptors as well as others and I think for me this will work best! I hope!! Good Luck!! Fill me in on what else I need to do! :)


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I just accepted a peds job as well and couldn't be more excited!!! I would also love some tips for peds and a good report sheet! I will def be purchasing peds made easy now!


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My advice is to see what type of sheets the people on your floor use, and see if you like them. When I started on my current floor (as a new grad) I tried the one most people use on the floor and didn't like it, so I ended up making my own that I still use. It will be easier for you to see what kind of sheet you want after you have worked a few shifts, because you'll begin to see what type of things you typically want written down in your area. On our floor, some people use a blank large index card, some people use a generic sheet with spaces for several patients, some people use an SBAR form for each patient, and there are a few people like me who have their own thing. Good luck and enjoy your new job!

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