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New Grad Shadowing


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I'm starting my first day on the floor tomorrow! I'll be shadowing another RN. I'm super excited, but I'm just wondering what I should have with me. Stethoscope, pen light, scissors... A notebook? I have one, but is that too much? I don't know. I want to present myself as prepared, but I don't want to look like a goober. :T lol Any advice for tomorrow?

Lola Lou, BSN

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Each shift I bring a few pens, permanent marker, highlighter, scissors, pen light, carpuject, alcohol swabs, tape, a small calculator, and my stethoscope. I may also throw a sterile cap in my pocket to put on IV tubing after a bag of antibiotics has been completed. I put certain items in specific pockets so I know exactly where they are located. Although, I've made the mistake of putting my scissors in a different pocket and I was convinced for 10 minutes that someone had stolen them:) I also have a clipboard that I keep my SBARs on along with the paper that I wrote my patient info on before I received report. I've taped many helpful charts to the clipboard such as temp conversion, wound charting tips, I&O conversions, normal VS ranges, etc.. It may be beneficial to bring a small notebook so you can write down random tips and information that you pick up throughout the day. After a while you probably won't need the notebook. I hope that this helps. Good luck on your first day!

GCom24, ASN, RN

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Hey! Unfortunately, I saw this after having completed my first day, but, these are great tips! I will definitely utilize these going into my next shift! :D Thank you very much! Let me tell you, my first day went great! I'll have a different preceptor on Sunday, but the group I'm working with is great so far. Today was very eventful but also went smoothly. I feel it was a very good intro. day. I'm really feeling blessed about where I landed my first RN position and looking forward to learning and growing here. :D Thanks again for those tips!