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Greetings! I am graduating in May 2001 with a BSN and am wanting to work in the critical care setting. Is anyone aware of any training programs or internships that are offered to new graduates? I am willing to relocate within the United States if I can discover an opportunity that allows for me to acquire the extensive training program that I am seeking. Thank-you for your time!

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I carbon copied this response from another posting - thought it might help.

Don't really know if this is how others did it, but I fell into a CCU position as a new grad out of an ADN program years ago. The hospital I work at routinely hires new grads into critical care. We have a critical care educator that works in the classroom with new grads to teach them the idiosyncracies needed to know for functioning in the unit. The next step past that is experienced preceptors, and then mentoring that is carried on. Our facility puts new grads in a 16 week orientation, which can be modified shorter or longer depending on the skills of the individual, since everyone learns at a different rate. Obviosly, this then translates into a costly orientation process for the facility.

Regardless of where you start as a new grad, MOST new grads are task oriented, so realize this when you get out. Nothing can replace time and experience. Most feel comfortable on the floor withing 6 to 12 months. You continue to learn new things for many years to come. Be open to change and the opportunity to learn something new.

Good Luck!

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