New grad seeking a second job as per diem


How long do you think I should wait before getting a second job as per diem? I was thinking about waiting about 6 months before I start applying. I'll be out of orientation by then and would be working on my own for about 2 months. I'm currently working in the ICU should I apply for another ICU position or med-surg? Thanks in advance.


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Most jobs will not hire you as per diem without at least a 1-2 years of nursing experience. You should be confident in your skills and ability to manage acutely ill patients before working somewhere. When hired per diem, they expect you to have the knowledge and skill base to hit the ground running. Only asking for guidance when it comes to specific hospital policies. In my opinion hiring someone per diem in a acute ICU with only 6 months experience is like hiring a new graduate nurse. Especially if the per diem hospital has higher acuity patients than you are currently caring for.

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I agree with the first poster. If you need some extra funds, how about picking up overtime where you work now? Maybe your hospital has more than one ICU and you can pick up shifts on a similar unit that is short staffed?

Your post is unclear, are you out of orientation and working on your own now?

I would recommend at least a year before looking for a second job.