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New Grad in Savannah

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Hey there!

Just joined the site, and passed my ATI Comprehensive (which determined whether we graduated or not), and I am excited to be graduating at the end of April with my BSN. I plan on moving to Savannah, GA, and have heard about two different hospitals with residency programs that I am very interested in - Memorial Health University Medical Center & St. Joseph's/Candler. Does anyone have any experience in either of these? I plan on calling for more info, but would love to hear about personal experiences. And if anyone is from the area and knows anything on any good apartments, that would be great to hear too!

Thanks for the help, I'm so excited to be done with school I can't contain myself! LOL :)

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Memorial is a Level 1 and a teaching hospital. If you work there, you will pretty much see it all! I would apply to all three locations (St. Joe's and Candler are part of one system, but two different locations a few miles apart) and see what happens.

I can't help with apartments, sorry!

I just graduated in December, and I'm still on a job hunt in Savannah. I had an interview with Memorial. While I think it is a great hospital, they never responded to emails to confirm that I didn't get the job. In fact, my online application still says "under review" even though my interview was December first. From the looks of it, I think you have to go through their new grad program to work there at all, so I would still try that. During my interview they asked me just a few questions then turned it over to me to ask them my questions.

I'm not sure what the deal is with St. Joseph's. They told me their new grad application would be posted in November and it never was (I checked everyday that I wasn't in clinical and I never saw it). My advice is to just call and be sure to follow-up. I would have loved to work at St. Joseph's, but I don't know if I missed the posting for the new grad program or if it was just never posted, so I would see when it is supposed to be posted then call if you don't see it when it then. I believe I called them in the middle of November when I didn't see the posting and they never got back to me.

I have no connections there, but if you do, then that usually helps. I'm from Atlanta, and I know people that can get me jobs here immediately, but it takes more time if you don't have connections. Wish I had more to offer, but best of luck in your search!