New Grad RN working SNF


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OMG!! So I'm new grad since 12/2010. Been working in post acute/rehab. I have one job with 22 pts, and one that has 15 pts both with IVS, G-tube feedings, and a crazy insane amount of meds!! I feel like I'm going insane. There is always something wrong or going wrong at this facaility. I think all SNFs and LTC are just dangerous!!! I'm lucky enough to have gotten a job at a hospital:yeah::D. Please tell me it will be easier, I will be a floater but I will only have 5 patients. Is nursing really this bad all the time? or just because of the facility I work at. :uhoh3:


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You are describing typical SNF environments. Hopefully going to an environment where you are only responsible for five patients will prove to be less hectic, but please don't count on it. Good luck with your new position.