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I am a soon to be graduate (May 2018) from an ASN program in FL. I have a bachelors in Exercise Science before attending nursing school. Currently working at a doctors office as a medical assistant.I will be relocating to the Chesapeake area at the end of May and I am starting the process of trying to get a job. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or any information about any of the hospitals in that area, including, VA beach, Norfolk, etc. I would love to start in a new grad program or an RN residency if possible but will honestly start anywhere if it is the right fit. I am not trying to be picky about the unit I start out on, as a new nurse I know any floor will have lots to learn from. I have just read that getting a job as a new grad can be kind of difficult and coming from a different state has me a little worried.

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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The good news is that there are quite a few medical facilities in the Tidewater area, though not all of them have new grad programs/residencies. The bad news is that a few of these facilities have their own nursing programs attached, and guess who gets priority for their new grad spots (hint: it's not you).

That being said, all hope is not lost. It is possible to find a job in the area as a new grad, even in the facilities that have their own nursing schools.

Some of the hospitals in the area include:

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center

Sentara Network of Hospitals (largest organization but has their own nursing program attached)

Riverside Network of Hospitals (nursing program attached)

Bon Secours Network of Hospitals (nursing program attached, though the program is out of Richmond so I don't know how many of their new grads make their way down to the Tidewater area)

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters

Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center

Hampton VA Medical Center

Lake Taylor Transitional Care

Tidewater Psychiatric Institute

There are also SNF, Rehab, Sub-Acute, LTC, and LTAC facilities in the area.

Best of luck in the job hunt.

Thank you so much for all the information! I have already been in contact with a recruiter from Sentara and will speak with one from Bon Secours tomorrow.

I applied to Chesapeake's New Grad RN program and am hoping to hear from someone there.

Does anyone have any information on the new grad programs or maybe is in one and would like to share their experience?

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I am a BSN RN Graduate of 2017. I currently work at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital on a step-down floor. They hired me as a new grad. Love the floor! Love thee experience. If you are willing to work and learn...come join our 4RP team. Look us up on the web. Good luck!

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