New Grad RN Programs in Northern CA accepting less than 6 months experience?


Hello everyone,

I've been lurking around allnurses for awhile because a lot of people give really good advice. I'm a new grad with TONS of questions, so I thought it was time to make an account. Anyways, I recently passed my NCLEX exam and am now seeking employment, but it's very stressful :sorry:.

I got a callback to do a 1:1 school nursing position, but I know that if I start working as an RN I'll forfeit eligibility for many new graduate programs. But there's nothing open right now, and my student loans have kicked in for awhile. My question is, are there any new grad programs in Northern California that are accepting RN experience if it's less than a year or as long is it's not in the acute setting?

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Yes, OP.

When the hospital corporations need new meat for the grinder it's not surprising that they recind the "experience" requirement.

At which point it becomes a virtual newbie RN love fest.

So truth , ethics, accountability and "owning it" reign supreme once again groundlings.

Or is that just for those on Wall Street. They love accountability.

Please excuse the rant mis amigos y amigas.