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I have recently graduated nursing school and have passed my NCLEX and have been searching for RN positions. I live in a fairly rural area and there are a few hospitals near me. However, a lot of the available RN positions in these hospitals require at least 1 year of nursing experience. So my question is, in your opinion, should I apply for new grad RN positions in hospitals that are an hour away from me? Or should I move to the city to be closer to work? I currently live at home with my parents and do not have to pay for rent or food. I'm not sure what would be the better decision. Commute to work an hour one way and live at home rent-free, or move close to work? I'm just really trying to figure out what is the next best step I should take in my life! Any suggestions/ideas/opinions would be very appreciated and helpful!

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The best thing you can do is sit down and plan out a budget both ways. What is the new grad pay in both areas? What would be your expenses each month?

Also consider pros and cons of both options. Do you have a good relationship with your parents/get along? Do you want more independence by having your own place? Can you realistically endure 2 hours of commuting every day? Would staying at home allow you to save up a larger amount and thus reduce future costs by having a larger down payment for a house closer to work?