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new grad RN Ochsner NICU

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Looking for advice from anyone who has experience successfully interviewing for a new grad RN position in a NICU.

Interviewing for NICU Baptist next week and it's a highly sought after job so I want to make my best impression.

I tech in another NICU in the city, I wonder if this hurts or helps my chances??

Any help is appreciated thanks!

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Isabelle49 specializes in Home Health.

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I see you posted your message on my birthday in 2017!!! 32 years ago I interviewed for a position in Ochsner's NICU as a new grad too. I got the job and the main campus on Jefferson Hwy (that was the only Ochsner then). I worked there for years and loved the work. They have a fantastic, first rate NICU. Wishing you well. I hope you come back and post again!!!

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