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The other day I passed NCLEX (yay!) and I will be starting in the Neuro ICU at my local hospital in a week and a half. What books would you all recommend for me for Neuro specific topics. Also, any tips starting in Neuro as a new grad? I'm not looking for all the posts that new grads shouldn't be in the Neuro ICU etc etc, that is counterproductive. Please & Thank You la9MFCKoIaKIlaHjVuttgx238A8l+oISTPknrAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC


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Congrats on passing NCLEX! I will be taking in a few short weeks (:wideyed:)

I'm also a new grad in the neuro ICU, so definitely following this post. I have already started my orientation (which makes my nerves for nclex even worse!), so far I have found it to be very interesting, but does feel a bit overwhelming- can't tell if thats just new grad nurse nerves or because of the floor I'm on! I'm interested to see the responses you receive. Thanks for posting!


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Congrats to the both of you! Honestly just brushing up on your notes from nursing school should be enough to hold you over because you don't TRULY learn until you are on the unit and experience things first hand. Since both of you are going to be in the Neuro ICU being very familiar with intubations :nailbiting: and what to do is going to be huge.

What will happen is that you will have a patient with CVA like symptoms come down to you from the floor or ED still mentating appropriately and slowly or rapidly but surely their condition deteriorates necessitating a protection of the airway. I just made a video about ICU nurse's role in endotracheal intubation that will help familiarize you guys with the process. Hope it helps, Cheers! :up: